Michael J. Hawron studied electrical engineering and behavioral sciences at the Sloan School of Management at MIT before taking a long break from his formal education to travel the world, reflected in his writing debut; Entertaining Detours. Hawron recently released his fourth book, "Awesome Footsteps."

“Hawron weaves together a complex tale brimming with intrigue and action. His knowledge of international affairs is impressive, particularly those of the Cold War era.”  

- Kirkus Reviews

Meet The Author

“Certainly, the writing is splendidly detailed,

and Hawron’s skill as an engaging raconteur

is evident throughout.”  - Kirkus Reviews

"A consummate storyteller, Hawron’s uplifting message remains compassionately humanitarian and expresses a grand appreciation for the gift of life and the wonders of faith and divine benevolence. A shimmering, fitting coda to a memoir series grounded in tradition and a zest for life."  

- Kirkus Reviews

"Globe-trotter Michael J. Hawron and his wife Annette settled down in New Boston, Texas, nearly twenty years ago. His stories prove that an awful lot can happen in a small town…" -Kirkus Reviews

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